Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Halloween Fun

Grandchildren sure love dressing up for a fun Halloween.
Megan and Logan were excited to get into Oma's costume boxes
to find just the right outfit for the person or animal
they wanted to be.
Here is Megan, I mean Cleopatra walking with her classmates in their school parade.
Logan needed two costumes. At school he was a tuff football player.
Then that evening he was an adorable Winnie the Pooh.
The Pooh outfit was a play costume I made Logan's daddy when
he played the lead in his school 3rd grade play 20+ years ago.
I guess it pays to save costumes.
We had a special visit from a pretty pirate named Jaden.
She's our grandniece.
This is my little "Batman" ninja Luke visiting from Washington.
Luke is Max and Sophy's 2 1/2 year old son.
Now that's the smile we all know and love to see.
Sophy was lucky to even be allowed on the plane with only
4 weeks left until her due date. She is so tiny, yet HUGE just
in the front. You can't even tell she is pregnant when she is
walking away from you.
The baby has really dropped low.
Sophy was such a good sport to take Luke out to play in the unexpected snow.
Luke was totally ready for a snowball fight.
Logan and Megan were in school.
"Where's daddy when I need him?"
Luke absolutely loves Megan and Logan.
They all play so well together for hours!
This was a little snuggle time just before breakfast.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Trip to Indiana to the Johnson's!

I came to Devyn & Matt's new home in Indiana to witness the birth of their 6th child (my 12th grandbaby!) His name is Augustus "Gus" Johnson. Oh yes, he is their SECOND son. Let me say little Cyrus needed a little brother. The are exactly 19 months apart and are already good buddies. I was so worried that Cyrus was going to be the only boy in the family. Now I can't wait to see them running around together playing ball or with trucks. Yippee!

If you think the name Gus is too big for a baby, think again. He came into this world at 9# 11 oz. and 22 1/2" long with huge hands and feet (just like Cyrus.) He was totally alert from the minute he was born. Very calm and looking around to find Mommy and Daddy. In one week he gained 1 # and grew 3/4 of an inch! This is exactly the same rate of growth that Cy had as a baby.

Devyn is an incredible mother. She is so productive and organized. She makes it all look so simple, including natural childbirth. She looks radiant and beautiful 20 minutes after giving birth. It's truly unbelievable.

Matt is a proud daddy and thrilled with another boy. He is so supported of Devyn and so obviously adores her. They have a lovely family and bless Logan and me with their devotion to their family and to the gospel.

Don't forget the girls! They are pure joyful about their baby Gus. All three girls are already great helpers to their Mommy.

Cyrus was timid with Gus at first. As soon as Gus came home, Cyrus was totally taken with his new little brother giving him soft kisses on the forehead and patting him so tenderly.

The "Tram - frump - aline!"

Grandpa Johnson was so thrilled with Matt's family finally moving to Indiana near him that he celebrated by buying the girls a trampoline. The fun part is that little Taitem calls it a "tramfrumpaline."